Star Asset Finance is helping UK companies grow with our investment in their businesses

STAR Asset Finance Group – bringing together the asset finance sector

With unrivalled experience of the asset finance and leasing sector, the STAR Asset Finance Group  has created a leading independent and flexible asset finance business providing alternative sources of finance to SMEs who are the engine room of the UK economy.

Fuelling the growth of businesses of all sizes

At STAR, our strategy is to bring together successful lease brokerage businesses run by strong management teams and support them with capital to grow. Since we formed in July 2014, the Group has expanded significantly with a number of high-profile acquisitions.

Unlocking finance for thousands of SMEs across the UK

In 2021, the STAR Asset Finance Group financed more than £200 million for thousands of SMEs. Our aim is to be one of the largest independent asset finance companies supporting UK business, through our finance services and products provided by Kennet Equipment Leasing, Ignition Credit ,  First Capital Finance and Credo Holdings Limited

Our approach, expertise and access to capital means we can :

  • Offer existing Brokers the opportunity to unlock value they have created in their businesses;
  • Provide them with the unique opportunity to become part of a larger group with all the benefits of balance sheet strength, critical mass and economies of scale, while continuing to run their businesses day to day;
  • Give owners the opportunity to become investors in the group with a view to long-term growth and value creation;
  • Manage the acquisition of best-in-class companies seamlessly to minimise disruption for both customers and employees


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About us

The STAR Asset Finance Group has unrivalled experience of the asset finance and leasing sector. Together they are reshaping the financial landscape to help it better serve the needs of UK business.

About us