Unlocking capital for SMEs and making the leasing sector more efficient

Our services

We believe, by bringing together like-minded independent asset finance and leasing businesses, we’ll make this highly fragmented sector more efficient and resilient. These businesses and their owners will be provided with a firm foundation to grow as part of the STAR Asset Finance Group. Brokers are a key source of lending to SMEs. However their lack of scale means they can be inefficient and can struggle to attract funding. Our aim is to consolidate the market by allowing them to become part of a much larger asset finance group, with all the benefits this brings including balance sheet strength, critical mass and economies of scale.

Equity release with freedom to continue growing

We provide owners of successful asset finance businesses with an opportunity to sell equity, while continuing to manage the business day to day. In remaining at the helm, business owners are able to continue to see their business and teams grow, with the reassurance of knowing they can continue to benefit from upside by being part of the larger STAR Asset Finance Group.

Additional investment available

Through STAR Asset Finance equity and debt funding, we’re able to offer businesses significant levels of additional capital to grow their own book. In 2015, the STAR Asset Finance Group arranged a £50 million facility from Commerzbank, guaranteed by the European Investment Fund.

Swift and simple approach to acquisition

Our sector experience and history of investing in successful management teams enables us to make the acquisition a swift and seamless process for owners. Our reassuringly simple approach means there is minimum disruption for the business owners, employees and customers.

Vision for the future of asset finance sector

We value the knowledge and experience of all our business owners. Key members of the business teams are invited to be active members of the STAR Asset Finance Group, attending board meetings and sharing insight with other directors.

Case studies